Gravely® introduces the completely re-designed ZT HD, a new zero-turn lawn mower built for the prosumer and large-acreage cutter markets. The Gravely ZT HD was designed with commercial DNA, bringing several of the professional features found on Gravely’s Pro-Turn line to the residential market. Packed with premium features like an industry-leading frame and deck sizes available in Australia are 44 or 48,  inches, the Gravely HD is a durable zero-turn built to withstand work in any climate or circumstance.

The top-tier residential zero-turn in the Gravely lineup, the ZT HD has been a long-standing best seller in the brand’s portfolio. Changes to the popular machine make it more durable, easier to use, and more comfortable to operate.

Most notably, the Gravely ZT HD features like a 10-gauge welded deck design that’s 5-1/2 inches deep with a reinforced leading edge that provides the airflow needed to tackle tough mowing conditions. The ZT HD is also built on an industry-leading large formed tubular frame rail, which serves as the backbone to support the loads of the machine.

Commercial-grade performance, durability and comfort. Our best zero-turn lawn mower for your landscaping  business or      residential property features easy-to-use controls, giving you the power to dominate your yard and achieve those stripes like a total pro.

Model Deck Size Engine Manufacturer Engine Rating Drive System Fuel Capactiy Ground Speed Acres/HR  Model
991162 48″ Kawasaki® FR691V 23 HP/726 CC Hydro-Gear® ZT-3100  18.9 L 8/4 mph (12.9/6.4 km/h) 3.9 991182
991160 44″ Kawasaki® FR651V 21.5 HP/726 CC Hydro-Gear® ZT-3100 18.9 L 8/4 mph (12.9/6.4 km/h) 3.6 991180

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