Honda UMK425 Loop Handle Brushcutter


Ideal for the heavy duty residential and commercial user, Honda’s UMK425 Brushcutter is tailored to suit all your needs. Get the job done with the perfect Honda finish. The Loop Handle is great for trimming garden beds, driveways and brush cutting.

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The UMK425 is powered by Honda’s new Generation II GX25 Mini 4-stroke engine.  Less Fuel and more power are two of the great features of Honda’s Generation II Brushcutters.

Boasting the latest in Honda’s ultra-compact, lightweight, 4-stroke engines, Honda’s new UMK425 Bruchcutters pump out superb power and more torque than ever before.  And as you’ve come to expect from a Honda, they start first time, every time.

Honda backs each UMK425 Loop Brushcutter with a 4-year Domestic Warranty, so in the unlikely event you need some work done on it, the support is there for you.  The brushcutter also comes with a 3-year Commercial Engine Warranty and 12-month Commercial Frame Warranty, which is particularly reassuring if you plan to use it for heavy-duty, commercial work.

  • Loop Handle
  • Straight Shaft
  • GX25 powered 4-stroke Engine
  • Exclusively available via Honda Dealer network
  • Safety goggles & single harness included