SL600C Hedge Trimmer


Hedge Trimmer

Product Data
Engine Type Full crank 2 stroke 1.1hpp
Displacement 26cc
Easy Start Yes
Cutter Bar 520mm
Cutter Depth 25mm
Swivel Handle Vertical or Horizontal
Warranty 1 Year Domestic
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SL600C Hedge Trimmer

The SL600C is a powerful Hedge Trimmer which is both light weight, well balanced and manouevrable. The long 520mm bar allows you to cut a wide area in one go, as well as make use of the unique swivel handle which can be set in either a horizontal or vertical orientation to make vertical cuts and shaping easier than ever. . The cutter bar has a depth of 25mm and the powerful 26cc two stroke full crank engine puts out 1.1hp to allow the SL600C to trim slightly larger or older growth hedges. The large capacity fuel tank allows longer run times so you do more trimming between fuel stops.


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